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Our Team

Below are some key details about our dedicated staff. Full bios are available by request.

Rhea Anne Cook, President

With a 20-year career in Business-to-Business Marketing; her first day-job was at McKinsey & Company as a temp ... go figure!

A trained singer, actor & director, Rhea maintains her membership in three entertainment unions: SAG; AEA; AFTRA

Over her lifetime, she has moved house more than 25 times over 6 states.

Matthew Anderson, Creative Director

Awarded an Emmy for Production Design for Good Grief , Charlie Brown: A Tribute to Charles Schulz

After designing his first trade show exhibit, refocused his talents on corporate marketing because he "preferred the pace of the work and complexity in the stories"

Proud of his Iowa heritage; Matt is hopeful Whitey's Ice Cream will open up shop in the Northeast very soon!

Michael Camenisch, Vice President (of everything)

Is an accomplished writer for theatre and film, and proud to be a three-time recipient of the James Michener Writer's Fellowship.

A professional problem-solver, Michael has experience in such diverse industries as franchise consulting, state government, law, transportation, software design, and yes, food service.

After having lived in every time zone in the continental US, Michael has returned to Eastern time and the land of horses & bourbon after discovering he's really a small town boy.

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